Ladybird Metamorphosis - Day 1-2

Ladybird Metamorphosis – Day 1-2

  1. Day 1: The larvae has attached itself to the topside of a leaf by its hind end and has contracted into something of a dome-shape. This ‘hunched-up’ form is a characteristic of the pupal state and the development / metamorphosis from pupa to ‘imago’ took 14 days.
  2. Day 2: The transformation from orange to black is well on its way. It was well past midnight when I took this shot. The following morning the pupa was black.
  3. Day 2: After standing-up the pupa begins to hunch-up on itself and will form a domed-like posture. This is the resting position in which its more vulnerable body parts are protected. Within the next couple of hours its orange colour will gradually change into black. This has now started to happen.
  4. Day 2: From this low angle the characteristic, albeit rudimentary parts of the ladybird are starting to form into recognizable features i.e. eyes, palps, legs etc.
  5. Day 2: The pupa has broken out of its larval skin. What was formerly a spiky, hunched-up larvae has now folded up, concertina fashion and forms the black base from which the pupa emerges. At this early stage, the pupa is bright orange and appears like a jelly mould, displaying some of the rudimentary parts of the forming ladybird.
  6. Day 2: The transformation from orange to black is well on its way. Another hour or so and it will be black!